Holistic Well-being


What comes to your mind when you hear the word Goa? Parties, nightlife, beer? That’s not even half
the Goa you know. Goa is a city that loves and projects art, culture, Ayurveda and a holistic lifestyle. If
you know anything about Ayurveda tourism in India, you MUST know that Goa has a special place in the
list. Synonymous with serenity, Goa is emerging as an immensely peaceful place to spend some quality
time of your life. Exchange your life full of hustle and bustle with a place that will give you a different kind
of high. This safe and secure place will give you a reason to start a new chapter of life, which will give
you surprises that you had only dreamt of or read in the story books. This stress-free city adorned with
breath-taking beaches, greenery and the beautiful forest will give you the peace your heart needs.
Bougainvilla would love to be your host and bring you closer to this city. Staying at bougainvilla is not
just an experience but a way of living that will help you bring out a new you. It is more like a dream
family where you will find people coming from different religion and background living a life full of warmth
and love.

Remember the time you wanted to live in a forest amidst beautiful forest and wake up to birds chirping?
Bougainvilla is an Ayurvedic village that can make your dream come true. Bringing you closer to yoga
and our ecosystem, this Ayurvedic village is a place that you would love to call your second home. It will help you heal from within and the term ‘heal’ has more to it than that meets the eyes. Trade your extremely chaotic life with a much more fulfilling one to learn the real meaning of life. Relax in the bosom of Ayurveda and get closer to your inner self like never before. This Ayurvedic village can give you the internal healing, cleansing, and detoxification that you can achieve by Ayurveda, which is a system of medicine with the power of healing with its natural remedies. It will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with a wholesome and clean diet. Bougainvilla effortlessly helps you reduce stress, and gives you a mental healing by bringing you closer to mother nature who has given humans gifts that are beyond imagination and cannot be replicated ever. Apart from giving us so many resources, its healing powers are immense. Just being around it itself is healing and has many physiological and psychological benefits. Taking short embracing visits to the forest in leisure will help you improve immunity, rejuvenate, cleanse and nurture body, mind, and soul and bringing a balance in life. Listen to your hear, Bougainvilla is where you belong. Would you give it a chance? Or let’s say, begin a new life here at Bougainvilla?